Safety - Speed - Comfort

Our boat "NIKOLAOS X"

Set sail on our safe, fast, modern ship “Nikolaos X”. A ship designed as a multi-million mega-yacht that will make you feel more connected with the sea and the places we visit. A guaranteed lifetime experience.





For our company, the safety of our guests and crew has always been our highest priority. Our excellent marine safety record over our years of operation- illustrates our commitment to the safety of the thousands of guests who sail with us each year. The measures we take in the interest of safety are many, with our ship often exceeding what is required by regulatory authorities. It’s all part of our commitment to our passengers.

At the beginning of every cruise, special safety announcements are made, to ensure all passengers are familiar with what to do and where to go in the unlikely event of an emergency. To further ensure they are aware of the muster locations, the ship is clearly labeled with safety signs.

The crew conducts weekly drills and complete extensive training, and scenarios in preparation for the very unlikely event of an emergency, including training on ship evacuation procedures. Our ship has sufficient life saving rafts, as well as Adult, Children and Infant life-jackets, to accommodate every guest and crew member onboard, as well as additional capacity in reserve. 

The modern hull design, in addition with 3 powerful “Caterpillar” propulsion engines and 2 power generators, ensure maximum safety and comfort when at open sea.

Our ship is designed and operated in compliance with the strict requirements of the International Maritime Organization, the UN agency that sets global standards for the safety and operation of ships, codified in the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention.

Greek State authorities and RINA, one of the very best certification organizations worlwide, annualy inspect and certify our ship. Their examinations focus on hull/machinery integrity and especially on life-saving equipment, safety and environmental protection items. On top of this our vessel is insured by “ShipOwners“, a world-class insurance association.