1. Passenger details

According to the Community Directive 98/41 / EC and the new regulations as they derive from the P.D. 102/2019 (Government Gazette 182 / A / 20-11-2019) and the amended provisions of P.D. 23/1999 concerning the recording of people traveling by liner passenger ships to Greek ports, It is mandatory for security reasons to keep a record of passengers on each excursion. The information required are:

– Last name

– First name (Written in full)

– Sex 

– Nationality 

– Date of birth (DD/ MM / YY) 

When booking or issuing a ticket, the passenger must provide accurate identification, contact telephone number, and e-mail address, with the sole purpose of being informed by the operator in case of delay, cancellation or frustration of the ship’s itinerary. During the issuance of the ticket, the passenger must also check the correctness of the data indicated on the ticket (date, time, itinerary, ship, identification details, etc.) and not receive it in case of incorrect details.

When issuing tickets, the necessary information should be given to the agency or ticket offices about those cases of persons who need special care or assistance, in case of emergency.

Passenger phone number for better service

We recommend that passengers, when issuing tickets, inform the issuing agency of their phone number (preferably mobile) so that they are notified in case of emergency, e.g. ban on sailing due to weather, etc. 

  1. Boarding procedure

The passenger must:
a) be at the ship boarding place at least 15 minutes before departure.
All passengers must present  a valid ticket / reservation form. Our company reserves the right not to allow a passenger to board without these necessary documents.
b) If the passenger wishes to disembark before the departure of the ship, then he is obliged to declare it to the Ship’s staff and take his personal belongings with him

  1. Luggage – Valuables

“Panormitis Marine Enterprises S.C.” is not responsible for the storage of your personal belongings.

The luggage must be placed in special places on the ship, according to the crew’s instructions. Luggage should not contain valuables.

The operator is not responsible for the loss of money, valuables, or luggage or any other personal item.

  1. Domestic animals on the ship

Passengers traveling with a pet must have its recently updated health booklet with them and are responsible for their care, safety, and hygiene. Guide dogs are permitted in all areas. Unaccompanied pets are not accepted.

 5. Ticket control on the ship 

Ship’s crew carry out ticket controls during boarding. When the control is carried out, the passengers are obliged to show their boarding cards/tickets.

Passengers with reservation vouchers must check in at the ticket’s kiosk, outside the boat, by 08.50 the latest. Reservation vouchers will be replaced with valid boarding cards and legal cashier receipts.

Tickets are valid for same day return ONLY. We do not issue one-way or open return tickets.

Disembarking the ship and embarking at a different port of call is not allowed.

 6. Ticket Cancellations

Tickets are only canceled by the issuing agencies. 
Those interested must submit the tickets to the issuing agency. 
Tickets issued by “Panormitis Marine Enterprises S.C” can be canceled at our ticket’s desk or by e-mail at info@nikolaosx.gr. A valid ticket/reservation form must be presented for any kind of refund.

Ticket Cancellation details

– The fare is NOT refundable for cancellations made less than 12 hours before departure  (i.e. after 21:00 the day before the trip) but the ticket may be used on a different day uppon contacting our sales team.

 7. Delay or cancellation of an itinerary for reasons of force majeure

Our company is not responsible for delays of the itinerary, deviation, and non-compliance with normal course due to bad weather or orders of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine and Port Authorities or due to force majeure made with the main concern of passenger safety. In case of trip cancellation due to force majeure (e.g. ban on departure due to adverse weather conditions) our company refunds the entire value of the ticket and only that.

 8.  Itineraries

“Panormitis Marine Enterprises S.C” makes every effort to comply with the published schedule of itineraries but reserves the right to modify them if necessary. 
“Panormitis Marine Enterprises S.C” reserves the right to change the ship if deemed necessary.

 9. Safety aboard the ship

The passenger is obliged to comply with the instructions of the responsible persons of the ship, which are related to the peace, order, cleanliness, and safety of the ship. The passenger is obliged to comply with the ship’s regulations, as well as the instructions of the master or the crew during the voyage and to contact the competent crew members in case of a problem. Entry to the ship will be prohibited to persons who refuse to comply and will be reported to the local Port Authorities.
“Panormitis Marine Enterprises S.C” and the ship are not responsible for accidents and losses or damages before boarding or loading on the ship and after disembarking or unloading from it.
It is forbidden to transport explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally dangerous materials.
Passengers must comply with all safety regulations when boarding, disembarking and voyage and public order within the Ship and comply with hygiene rules. In addition, they must comply with any instructions of the Master or crew members during the voyage and contact the relevant crew members in the event of a problem.

Ship’s decks might get slippery when wet. Passengers should wear thickened and slip resistant footwear to avoid accidents. “Panormitis Marine Enterprises S.C” has no liability for accidents caused by improper footwear.

 10. Swimming off the boat

On pecific days of the week, a swimming stop may be included in the program. The ship will approach St. George Bay or Nymporio bay or other bay of Symi, depending on the weather conditions and sea traffic. If ship’s master considers swimming not to be safe for passengers and ship,because of any reason,  the swimming stop might be canceled.  In such a case additional time will be provided in Symi town.

Passengers may enter the water only from the swimming platform at the stern of the ship. Jumping off the ship’s decks is strictly not allowed.

Swimmers must stay close to the boat at all times, be able to swim without aid (life jackets available on request) and be fit for swimming.

The ship anchors approx. 200 meters from the coast at areas where water depth is usually 20-40 meter deep.

 11. Seats

The ship has 450 seats, allocated in 3 decks. 220 seats are allocated on
open decks and 230 seats in lounges. Our company guaranties a seat for all our
guests. However, seat selection is on a “first come, first served” basis. Guests
with a special seat preference are advised to get aboard as early as possible.